When you’re in a pinch…

I’m traveling today and tomorrow to lead some training on Flipped Learning and let’s just say it hasn’t been the smoothest trip so far.

First, I thought (my own fault, btw) we were doing Mac training. Turns out, we’re doing PC. So, I partitioned my hard drive and managed to get Windows installed before I left.

Second, I’m tearing out my kitchen this weekend to begin a big remodel. So, while I was packing to leave, I was also trying to straighten out my junk so my pregnant wife didn’t have to do it all on her own. Oh, I forgot to mention that my entire family is coming to help. I love them all dearly, but its going to be a packed house for a couple days.

All of which brings me to my third point: in my haste to leave, I left my computer’s power cord at home. Ugh. Rookie mistake.

I got down to the very cozy bed and breakfast that was arranged for me, and I began thinking about how I could keep up with my #ds106 work for this week using only mobile apps. Thankfully, Ben Rimes, Jim Groom, and Scott Lo came to my rescue. This network really is amazing. Everyone is extremely encouraging and eager to help. I’m loving my experience so far.

Anyways, I opened up SketchBook Express, which is the mobile version of the SketchBook platform for OSX. It’s a pretty powerful drawing program which gives you all kinds of different brushes and tools as well as layer editing. Exactly what I needed. I decided to take a stab at the “Looking at Yourself” assignment because it would give me a chance to play with the app a little more.

Dang, I love it.


As always, the photo is free to use.

I was able to create the image using a previous shot from the camera roll and layering a quick screenshot on top. All of the editing, including the trimming, positioning, layering, and transparency were done in the app. It’s free, and definitely worth downloading.

I’m wondering if I should try and do as many assignments as I can using mobile only. As a former teacher, I’m a big believer that mobile is going to be the new normal in schools, and having a broad range of experience creating on mobile might be useful in the future.

Anyways, just some things to chew on. Now, I’m finally going to get some sleep.

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