These are some of my favorite things…

favorite things and some other junk

CC by NC-SA by Brian Bennett

In a spinoff from the Colorize It and Focus on One Color, I took a photo of my desk at home and then colorized some of my favorite things that surround me each day.

This also makes me think about how much junk I have on my desk. Maybe it's time to make some strategic decisions and cut down on stuff I haven't looked at it too long.

I did this pretty quickly in GIMP. I took the photo, duplicated the original and made the copied layer monochrome. Then, I applied a white layer mask and used the free select tool to get nice, crisp lines. I then filled those spaces with black to erase the mask and let the colors show through.

The thumbnail will take you to the full-res photo.

3 thoughts on “These are some of my favorite things…

  1. Very nice! I just downloaded GIMP the other day and have yet to learn how to use it (starting my first ds106 as open participant).

    I noticed that all the colour is on the right side, with none on the left. That’s probably just the way it is in your office, what counts as your favourite things, but it felt a little unbalanced in the image. Maybe you’re right-handed and your favourite stuff is on the right? Just a thought.

    And yeah, I can see how this might make you think about cleaning out your office. A very cool way to show visually how little we tend to use much of the clutter around us.

    • Thanks Christina! I saw your “Brilliantly Stupid or Stupidly Brilliant” video the other day, and as a fellow open participant, I feel a little the same. Between working, travel (for work) and a home remodel, I’m hoping I can keep up. But, that being said, I love the community and the things that are already happening.

      I hadn’t even noticed the unbalance. I’m not sure why that is…I think your right-handed theory may be right, because I don’t have any other explanation :-)

      If you need help with GIMP, I taught it last fall, and I’ve got resources I can shoot your way so you don’t have to go hunting for hours.

      • Thanks for the offer of help with GIMP! I will probably take you up on that before these five weeks are through (or even afterwards). Much obliged! Look forward to playing with you and everyone else in the course…

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