Riffing 10 Steps into 20 Miles

I was in Centralia, IL all day today (5/22), which is about 5 hours from where I live. Somewhere in between hour 1 and boredtodeathville, I was trying to think up something I could do for ds106 while I was driving. My mind flashed back to an assignment in which you take a photo every step for 10 steps, and then create a collage.

I’ve wanted to do that one following those rules in my back yard, but it seemed like a good place to start. So, I decided to take a photo every mile for 20 miles. What I got is shown below (click the thumbnail for the full-size image to see details, all 4000px worth).

scenery flashing by my lens

scenery flashing by my lens

The hardest part for me was convincing myself to only take one picture. I wanted to maintain the heart of grabbing a raw image and then sharing the flow of time, space, and imagery. And that included the blurry photo. I had to almost tell myself out loud not to take a “better” picture.

I have another plan for this image series, but that will have to come another time.

As always, the GIMP .xcf file is available for remixes.

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