A Clockwork Orange: Minimalist Cover Design

I'm a big fan of minimalism. So, when I saw a minimalist book cover assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank, I knew it had to happen. I recently finished reading A Clockwork Orange, and it was more powerful than I anticipated. The book is also very dense with Burgess' made up dialect for Alex andRead More

Wiggle Stereogram

I mentioned last night that I'm going to work along with UMW's summer DS106 section beginning next Monday. In order to get ready, I'm cracking my GIF knuckles and getting my workflow down so I can spend more brain power on problem solving rather than just doing the work. I went through the DS106 AssignmentRead More

Where is all the time? #ds106 #4life

I saw a post this afternoon about a new section of #ds106 starting for a five-week summer course. I've dabbled in the Daily Creates from time to time, which included my very first-ever animated GIF, and I've enjoyed those a lot. I've decided that I'm going to jump in these next five weeks as anRead More

Flipped Learning and Control

I was able to join some fantastic educators today last Friday for a Flipped Learning workshop hosted by the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals. I was part of a group from TechSmith, while Dan Spencer, Laura Bell, Jonathan Palmer, Missy McCarthy, Delia Bush, David Fouch, and Greg Green were panelists for the workshop. I'veRead More

Where Are the #Flipclass Chat Archives?

flipclass chat link header blog

I had a minor site reorganization, and I wanted to make sure everyone who relies on the chat archive each week knows how to find it. There are a couple different ways: This blog - The page hasn't been updated in a long time, but there is a link the archives under the Flipclass ChatRead More