Life at 42

People say life gets more complicated as you get bigger. Well, I’m at 42, and I couldn’t disagree more.

I might not be as quick or nimble as the 19’s, but I sure am a heck of a lot more agile than the 52’s or even the 48’s. Admittedly, I don’t get out more than once a week or so, but when I do, I can get the job done. I mean, why go out if you’re not going to make a big difference? Seems like a waste of time and energy to me.

Anyways, why is life less complicated? Well, for starters, I have an established routine. When I go out, I know exactly where I need to go, and what I need to do, and pretty much how long it’ll take me to do it. There isn’t much variation, really…I just try and make sure I don’t hit any rough patches along the way. I haven’t changed my habits for years. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Sure, I can’t always see too well, being 42 and all, but, I usually manage well enough. I’ve been doing this work for a long time, so I can adjust on the fly without too much trouble. Sometimes, it can also get a little bumpy out there, but, that’s just the way it goes. I roll with it. I may be at 42, but I’m still solid as a rock when I need to be.

I enjoy the patterns. I enjoy the predictability. I enjoy seeing the line ahead of me, and the change that is left behind after I pass. There’s no guesswork, so I can let my mind wander and just do what needs to be done. I guess if I really think about it, 19’s could do the same work, but it would be nearly as efficient. I’m proud of that.

When I’m not working, I can rest assured that I’ll be needed again. I’m always needed, which is comforting. I don’t have to worry about becoming irrelevant any time soon. I’m patient and I’ll be here, ready to go.

Life as a “42-er” is great.

Predictability lends it self to mind-wanderings

42 an’t bad.

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