#MACUL13 Round Up

I had the chance to attend MACUL’s (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) 2013 conference held in Detroit this past week. I have a lot of good friends living in Michigan, and after a year of pestering and reminders, I finally made it up there. Let me just say, Michigan has one of the strongest education presences at a grassroots level that I’ve ever experienced. Over 4,000 educators from across the spectrum descended on Detroit’s Cobo Center and some great things happened.

I wrote a post nearly a year ago observing that with content available all the time, we really need to think about how we structure our current learning spaces. I turned that blog post into a presentation at MACUL on Thursday. You can watch the recording below or on YouTube. It runs about 30 minutes, so if you can’t spend that long watching it, I’ve posted a .mp3 you can download and put on your iPod for later. To save it, right click on the play button and select “Save video as…”

On Friday, I gave a Do’s and Don’ts session for people who are interested in Flipped Learning, but don’t really know where to begin the process. This session was a lot of fun, and we had some great discussion on each point about why it is labeled as a Do or a Don’t. This one runs about 50 minutes, so I have it as an mp3 for now. I’ll update this post with a YouTube link when it’s ready to be viewed.

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