Make a Webpage into a Chrome App

Published: 2013-02-05 09:00 |

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There are some websites that I visit frequently. My class website, a few news outlets, and some blogs that help me wake up in the morning (or afternoon). I also hate the bookmark bar. I think it’s ugly and I usually have it hidden in my Chrome browser. Now, it does appear on my “New Tab” page, but I’d rather get rid of it entirely.

I came across an article that showed me how to take any website and put a link on the Chrome “App” page. This is different than the “Most Visited” section, which makes it helpful if it isn’t used enough to make that list.

The process is very simple:

  1. Open up the page you want to save as well as a new tab (click the images to enlarge).
  2. Click on the page favicon – the little icon that appears to the left of the URL in the address bar. Sometimes it is an icon, other times it is a blank page.
  3. Drag the favicon to the New Tab and drop. It will create a link in your Apps page.

So, why do this rather than use bookmarks? Simple answer: speed. Many times, I want to get to a particular site. Rather than clicking through multiple levels of bookmarks (if they’re nested) or scanning the bar, I know what sites are on my apps page. This could be especially useful for teachers in Chromebook environments.

Any other Chrome tips for usability and improved workflow? Leave some thoughts in the comments.

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