Community Building via QR

One of my new favorite stops in my morning reading is the Fast Company series. I subscribe to the Design blog, but I also browse the Create and Exist blogs as well. I came across a post on the Exist series on a new initiative by the city of Bristol in England. Citizens can text codes on inanimate objects in throughout the city and have conversations. The point is to have fun in the city. The point is to interact with our surroundings. Are you a ghost? Photo is mine Nooooo! Photo is mine.

I got to thinking about how we don’t interact enough with the spaces we have in schools. So, I began a small project. I created QR codes with simple text. Some are little quips such as this gem from Brett Clark:

Another awards a “Curiosity Badge” (totally made up and unofficial…for now) that students can retrieve just for being curious enough to stop and scan. The whole point of this is to be fun, and to get kids and staff to interact with their surroundings.

I chose to use Delivr to create the codes because they offer tracking and scan analytics. I haven’t received and data yet, even though I scanned a few myself just to make sure they worked properly, so I don’t know about reporting times to the account. Hopefully, I can gather some unofficial data about technology our students already have in the building as we continue to improve instructional tool use.

Hopefully, if this catches on a little bit, I’ll add some small quests and other achievements students can earn. I’m also planning on entering small challenges like, “Tell someone they matter to you,” in an effort to get people in the building communicating in positive ways with one another. I’m also hoping students begin to have “random acts of creativity” that help us grow together as a school.

Have you started something like this in your school? What suggestions do you have?

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