Watch the MI Flipteaching Conference Free

On Saturday, January 19, over 150 educators from across Michigan and northern Indiana are converging on Byron Center High School to spend the day talking about Flipped Learning. The event is free, and I’m excited and proud to be a part of the planning and running of the conference.

We’ll be streaming various sessions throughout the day using Google+ Hangouts On Air. This means you can watch live during the session or you can go back later and watch an archived copy. The sessions will be broadcast by the presenters (see below) and all of the videos will end up in a playlist on the official MIFlip YouTube channel. The segments being streamed are highlighted in yellow on the document.

You can also follow the learning with the #MIFlip hashtag on Twitter all day.

[UPDATE 11:17] – This sessions link (as well as the one above) takes you to the conference schedule. Hyperlinks are being added to the document so you can easily navigate to the proper YouTube channel for viewing live.

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