Static or Interactive Tools?

I think we really need to redefine what it means to interact with something. Part of the problem is that our schools (and even our culture) have developed into things that want to consume. Our students come, and they want to just get the answer to move on. Teachers have even developed into people that give the answers so they can move on. There is no meaningful interaction.

Learning is interactive. We need to talk, digest, challenge, and question new ideas or tools. It takes two-way communication. It takes hard conversations and furrowed brows.

So, can we create truly interactive content? I think there are some ways to begin to build a bridge to cross the gap, but I’m not totally convinced that even come of the best iBooks out there can do that yet. They’re still built for students to consume. We need to move beyond clicking play on a video as our interactive portion.

How have you seen students interact with content, digital or analog? What are some versions of things titled interactive, but are really meant for consumption only? How do we bridge the gap?

I’d love some thoughts in the comments.

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