Twitter, We’re on a Break

I'm going to take a hiatus from Twitter.

I love sharing learning with my network. Lately, Twitter has become somewhat of a frustration for me. Being involved is great, but I think it also narrows my vision and I begin to focus on fitting a particular mold or norm based on what my network is doing at the time rather than trusting my own decision making and direction.

In all honesty, some of this has to do with a lot of the discussion surrounding Flipped Learning. With so many ideas, arguments, and questions flying around, I feel like I need to take some time and personally reassess what I do daily in my room. I need a working definition, and to do that, I need time to myself.

I will still be writing email and possibly a blog post, so you can still get in touch with me. But as for Twitter, we'll talk later.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter, We’re on a Break

  1. Sounds like a great idea, good luck!

  2. I am glad and sad about this at the same time. I admire you taking time to really look at what you’re doing in your classroom–that’s something I think all teachers need to do from time to time. However, I will miss your tweets and your posts. Good luck to you, and hope to see you around the internet you sooner than later.

  3. GS Arnold says:

    Totally understandable and have been pondering doing the same myself. The fact of the matter is that I don’t want to stand up to defend (or decry) a “movement”, I want to be a better teacher.

    I definitely agree that feeling like you are the voice of something does narrow you down a little bit and constrain you. I felt very strongly that way when I started SBG last year, that it locked me into a certain mode of grading and that if I changed it, I wouldn’t really be a Standards Based Grading teacher, that someone would call me out on it.

    Why in the world would I worry about that at all?

    I have felt some of those same pressures, that I have to fight to defend the honor of #flipclass, and get a little aggravated at folks just mindlessly attacking (imho). But when it really comes down to it, getting myself worked up and aggravated by such things just distracts me from my main mission, educating my students, and seeking out new ways to do that each and every day.

    I think if more folks recognized the bridge nature of #flipclass, they would be a little less threatened/upset. I don’t anticipate that my class next year will look the same as it does this year, because it has already changed a lot since last year.

    Keep faith in yourself Brian, every interaction I’ve had with you has been positive and you show the willingness to be contemplative at every turn. I like to think that is the reason that stuff gets under our skin, because we want to be sure we are doing what is best for the students.

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