The People of Flipped Learning

School is getting started again for just about everyone and as flipped learning becomes more and more popular, we’re all looking to make connections to continue our growth.

The first way is to join in on our #flipclass chat Monday nights at 8PM EDT. We have a wonderful team of moderators (many who are included below) that help host the chat each week. Topics are chosen by a poll that is tweeted out Sunday nights and Monday mornings. We’ve gone strong since beginning in March this year, and we’re looking forward to expanding as a new school year begins.

If you’re looking for content-specific folks, this is a list of some amazing flipped educators I’ve created just off the top of my head. If there is someone I missed, please add them in the comments.


Cheryl Morris and Andrew Thomasson are a dynamic duo who co-teach their English classes. With Cheryl in the Bay Area and Andrew across the country in North Carolina, they use Google+ Hangouts to create content and flip their classes from 2,500 miles away. You can read about their story or take a look at their materials on their collaborative website or YouTube.

Troy Cockrum is a middle school ELA teacher in Indianapolis. You may recognize his voice from the Flipped Learning Podcast that’s a part of the EdReach network. Check out his blog and YouTube channel for a look at his videos.


Stacey Roshan is a high school math teacher in Potomac, Maryland. Her flipped class focuses on reducing student anxiety through flexible testing and student created content.. Stacey’s content is on her class website and on

Graham Johnson is a secondary math teacher in Kelowna, British Columbia. He and a colleague hosted the first-ever flipped learning conference in Canada in June 2012. Graham writes on his blog about flipped learning and also shares his content on his class website.

Crystal Kirch teaches freshman algebra and math analysis in California. She developed a Watch-Summary-Question (WSQ, pronounced “whisk”) cycle with her videos that has taken off in flipped learning circles. She writes very frequently on her blog and posts her content to YouTube or on her dedicated Algebra I and Math Analysis class websites.

Cheryl, Andrew, Troy, Stacey, and Graham

Crystal, Marc, Carolyn, Karl, and Delia


Marc Seigel teaches chemistry at a public school in New Jersey. He was an early adopter of flipped learning tools and presented at the 2012 Flipped Learning Conference in Chicago, IL. Marc focuses on inquiry and PBL strategies to get his students to engage with chemistry. He writes about his successes and failures in teaching on his blog.

Carolyn Durley is a colleague of Graham’s, teaching biology in Kelowna, British Columbia. She co-hosted the 2012 Canadian Flipped Learning Conference and is a first-hand account of how teaching practice can change after many years in the field. Carolyn’s energy and writing are infectious as she engages with people in discussions about flipped learning.

Social Studies

Karl Lindgren-Streicher teaches world history in the San Francisco bay area. He has grabbed the inquiry learning approach used by many science classes and applied it to the history classroom. Karl shares his methods on his blog if you’re interested in learning with him.

Primary Grades

Delia Bush is an elementary teacher living just outside Grand Rapids, MI. She learned about flipped learning in 2011 and it has taken off with her students. Delia encourages digital tools with her students and is constantly sharing their learning on Twitter and through her blog. You can see examples of her video content on her YouTube Channel.


This list is by no means comprehensive. Feel free to add names in the comments. Also, if you enjoy reading this blog, please take a minute to subscribe to email updates in the right-hand sidebar.

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