Give It Back

After a horrendous start of the year (I won’t go into it here…) I was finally able to introduce the whole flipped classroom idea to my students today. They had a taste yesterday, but with the materials in hand and the technology to use, it finally began to click for many of my students.

photo credit: danorbit. via photo pin cc

I’m convinced that the key to handing education back to students lies in the simple act of allowing some freedom. The concept is so foreign to students that they don’t know how to react when they have freedom.

“Can I work ahead?”

“Can we work with someone else on this?”

“I can use pictures to answer the questions?”

As I enthusiastically answered yes, the questions became more bold.

“Do I have to watch your videos?”

“I remember how to do this…do I have to listen to this section?”

They were analyzing their prior knowledge and critically thinking about what I was asking them to do. There was creativity in their responses. They immediately formed groups and began to problem solve on some of the tougher components. My students were engaged and deeply involved in the learning cycle from the start…because they had freedom.

Freedom to make mistakes without repercussions.

Freedom to forge their own learning path.

Freedom to talk and share and collaborate.

The best part was watching the light bulb turn on for kids that had no interest in science when they walked in the door that same day.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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