Do You Want to Write a Guest Post?

Published: 2012-08-11 06:49 |

Category: Collaboration | Tags: flipclass, teaching

I want to try something new. In addition to the writing I normally do, I want to give some more people a chance to publish a guest post on my blog. I get to talk to many of you through Twitter, but I also want to include other voices on a larger platform. Hopefully, this will spur more discussion and discourse on teaching and learning in connected classrooms.

If you’re interested in posting:

– Your post needs to be ready to publish starting on August 27th.

– Your final article should be original and between 500 – 750 words in length.

– Focus on pedagogy or methods in your class or school.

– Please don’t write a list of tech tools you use. I’m looking for discourse on how you’re changing your class with what you’ve learned.

– The application deadline is August 15th. Selected writers will be notified no later than August 17th.

– The content is yours, and you’re free to cross-post the article on your blog 24 hours later.

If all of that looks good, fill out this form. I’m closing the form the evening of August 15th, so make sure you have it in before then!

Comments are always open. You can get in touch by sending me an email at