The People of Flipped Learning

School is getting started again for just about everyone and as flipped learning becomes more and more popular, we're all looking to make connections to continue our growth. The first way is to join in on our #flipclass chat Monday nights at 8PM EDT. We have a wonderful team of moderators (many who are includedRead More

Guest Post: Alchemy in the Midst of Chaos: Collaboration and Community in the Flipped Classroom

If you had walked into our rooms the first week of school, you would have seen chaos. Complete and utter chaos. Students lining up to take their picture on our laptops for a class directory. Students wandering around campus, taking pictures that define the way they view school. Students watching a video on their smartphoneRead More

Guest Post: A Brand New Year

This week, I will start my 20th year in the classroom, and for the first time, I really don't know what I'm going to do. I should probably explain. For the first eighteen years of my career, I was a good teacher. My lessons were planned, my curriculum was covered, my grades were recorded, myRead More

Guest Post: Inquiry-Based History Class

Note: This is a guest post that will be the first in a series. All posts follow the theme of "Changes in class because of summer learning." Hopefully, these varying perspectives will continue to spark discussion and growth among readers. Inquiry-Based History Class If you listen to too many of the jargony phrases in education,Read More

Three Responses to Failure

Things go wrong. It's a fact that we have to embrace and learn to live with if we want to be great teachers. I've learned some of my most valuable teaching lessons from classes or activities melting down in front of me. Adversity is inevitable when we work with other people. We have disagreements withRead More

Flipped Classrooms: Let’s Change The Discussion

NOTE: This is a cross-post of a piece I wrote for SmartBlogs. You can see the original here. Since Sal Khan’s 2011 TED Talk, the Khan Academy has been nearly synonymous with “flipped classrooms.” This is because since then, Khan Academy has been promoted by the Gates Foundation as well as major media outlets likeRead More

Doing What We Do

It is believed that the average adult makes 35,000 decisions every day. There is even research that suggests that decision fatigue plagues many professionals. Not all of our choices are cognitively difficult (Do I feed the dog first, or eat my breakfast first?) but those decisions add up over time. We also have motivations playingRead More