Teacher Appreciation Week

At the start of teacher appreciation week, I feel selfish.

"I'm a teacher and I deserve to be recognized. Yes, I'll take a PTA lunch. Thank you for the cards and candy. I'm awesome."

Then I remember that I'm only a teacher because of the people around me. How much more meaningful would this week be if we take time to appreciate what it means to be a teacher?

I spent an entire class period this year talking with a student about a bad breakup. What did that mean to her? What does it mean when I stay at school to five or six o'clock with a club? What does it mean when I go to the school play or musical?

I wouldn't get to have those experiences or relationships if I wasn't a teacher.

I appreciate students and the hard work of learning. I appreciate my administrators and colleagues.

I love a fist bump in the hallway as a student walks by. I love laughing and crying with students. I love jokes and serious conversations and everything in between.

I'm blessed to be a teacher.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Your students are lucky to have a teacher like you–one who understands the importance of the positive teacher-student relationship and the importance of a vibrant learning community. Thanks for giving us this important perspective.

    • Brian Bennett says:

      Thanks, Maureen. I want to say the same to you, especially in light of our discussions earlier this year. I need to remember this lesson more often…it isn’t about what I do, but what we do for our students. Happy appreciation week!

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