Summer 2012

I cannot believe the year is ending in just over two weeks. We are down to 13 days here in Evansville, and the crunch is definitely starting. This week, we are enjoying the End of Course Assessments, courtesy of the Indiana DOE. Then, we will spend the last eight days of school doing frog dissections and putting together dissection guides for future biology students.

Just as my school schedule is bursting at the seams, my summer schedule is just as busy. I will be travelling to multiple conferences to share the flipped classroom with as many people as I can and (hopefully) to run into many people I speak with on Twitter for the first time. My current schedule is below…I would love to hear in the comments if our travels will overlap at any point so we can try to meet one another.

Right now, I do not have any dates in July, but if you are looking for someone to speak on technology in education or on the flipped classroom (full training), please feel free to contact me and we can speak about specifics.


(May 31) – 1: W. Leyden High School, Chicago IL

9 – 11: Strelka University, Moscow, Russia

18 – 20: Flipped Class Conference, Chicago, IL

23 – 27: ISTE, San Diego, CA

Finally, this year, my wife and I will be transitioning to South Bend, Indiana. It has been a good year in Evansville, but due to changing family circumstances and opportunities coming my way, South Bend is the next step in our path. I want to thank everyone for the support you have shown me this year and for all the growth opportunities you have provided.

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