Flipped Classroom Exit Letters

I asked my students on the last day of school to write letters to next year's students, whoever they are. I took all of those responses, removed the common words, and then pasted all of the letters into Wordle.

The assignment was: "Write a letter explaining how a future student can be successful in a flipped classroom."

So, are videos still the most important part?

2 thoughts on “Flipped Classroom Exit Letters

  1. Robin Nehila says:

    I love how the biggest word is CLASS!!! Followed by work. It seems all the hype about flipping is the videos for homework :)

    • Brian Bennett says:

      Right! I think this wordle is telling because it shows the trends of a flipped class. Video is in there, and you can see that feedback, but there are other, more important things happening in the classes that don’t get enough discussion.

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