#Flipclass Chat Starts With a Bang

Published: 2012-03-06 03:48 |

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Monday, March 5 was the inaugural #flipclass chat event. We promoted the chat on Twitter, Google+, and various blogs to push a great first session. After crunching some data collected in the archive, it was bigger than I had anticipated. In the hour-long chat, there were:

  • 95 individual tweeters
  • 888 total tweets, 869 of them being unique
  • 77 links shared
  • hundreds of connections made

The first topic chosen for the chat was “What are some problems you’ve faced since flipping your class?” I knew there were some common areas that would be discussed, but the collaboration last night went above and beyond my expectations.

Rather than lamenting our problems, proactive and encouraging tweets began to flood my TweetDeck column.

Some of the notable tweets from the chat:

Biggest problem staying ahead of kids & getting everything ready before they are ready to move on. Sts move faster than me #flipclass

—Doug Hinkle (@doughink) March 6, 2012

Allowing my 2nd graders more ownership through flipped lessons has create positive outcomes through application. #flipclass

—Chad Grandon (@CGrandon) March 6, 2012

Biggest realization is that #flipclass is fluid and mst change w/the situation..no rt or wrng if geting desired reslts–meaningful clsstime

—Trista Hennebry (@HennebryDMS) March 6, 2012

The most important part of #flipclass is the time you devote to planning meaningful and engaging activities that expand upon video topics.

—Luke Yaklich (@CoachYak) March 6, 2012

Other favorites included discussion about the role of red Solo cups and alien abductions in a flipped classroom.

In the end, the most encouraging thing was to be able to witness an amazing group of educators find new contacts or encouragement, all through the power of social media. People chatting from across continents and in different countries were able to find common ground to push their own classes to new levels.

The #flipclass chat will continue to be on Monday evenings at 8 PM EST. [STRIKEOUT:Polls and archives are all linked from the] Flipclass Chat [STRIKEOUT:page on this blog.] I want to encourage you to connect with some of the people participating in the chats and we all look forward to having you join us next time!

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