Supporting Students in a #Flipclass

I saw a tweet come through the feed this morning from Brad Campbell and Vanessa Alander regarding the practice of "implementing" a flipped classroom without appropriate support for students. Re: #flippedclassroom is it just teachers expected Ss to self direct w/o providing adequate support? #edcampme— Vanessa Alander (@vjalander1) March 31, 2012 These are important discussionsRead More

Three Things I Should Have Done in College

I got to speak with a group of preservice teachers this morning at the University of Evansville. Heading into the class, I was thinking about what things I would share to start them off on the right foot. This is what I came up with: Join Twitter - If you are not involved in someRead More

“Academic Bowl” Paradox

Last night, I read the science questions for the Indiana Academic Bowl our school hosted. The city schools all sent teams of students to participate in an evening of trivia and brain-power boxing. It was fun and it was great to see some of our own students putting their heads together to answer science questions.Read More

#Flipclass Chat Starts With a Bang

Monday, March 5 was the inaugural #flipclass chat event. We promoted the chat on Twitter, Google+, and various blogs to push a great first session. After crunching some data collected in the archive, it was bigger than I had anticipated. In the hour-long chat, there were: 95 individual tweeters 888 total tweets, 869 of themRead More