I Can

In the spirit of full disclosure, this has been a discouraging week for me. Students are antsy and in need of a break. I am fighting some old battles with kids refusing to think or show interest in anything at all. I am also working with issues professionally I did not expect to have. Education news coming in each day shows glimmers of hope, but is tough to stomach in the current system.

But, despite the bad news and the “I can’t” thoughts earlier this week, I can choose to think differently.

I can…

– work hard every day to make sure I give my students multiple opportunities to learn.

– persevere and do what is right for my students when culture pushes back.

– demonstrate positive redirection when I fail.

– collaborate with students and other teachers to find solutions to problems.

– teach students to think critically about the world and about their beliefs.

– choose to keep my head high and continue to improve rather than wallow in self-pity.

We can choose to work with what we have an do our absolute best for our kids. Or, we can kick the stone on the path with our heads down and give in.

I choose the former.

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