Power in Online Video

Published: 2012-01-19 07:20 |

Category: Reflection | Tags: flipclass, teaching

I’ve had a crazy week. On Tuesday and Thursday I worked with Brett Clark and Brian Bobbitt sharing the Flipped Classroom with almost 100 teachers and administrators across the district. It was an insane couple of days, but everything came together (including a student panel…they were awesome) and I think everyone that participated learned something new.

I got home on Thursday night and spent some time reflecting on my use of video this year in relation to last year and how it has expanded into something much more than delivering instruction. The power of video on the internet is much, much greater than delivery of content.

I use a flipped classroom and a core tenet of what I do is use online video to deliver direct instruction to my students. But, this isn’t good enough. At the end of the day, they’re still consuming more information than they’re putting out on the web.

My goal for the remainder of the semester is to not only use video for instruction, but use video for connections. I want my kids to be responsive to what they watch online. I want them to think critically about what they see and then turn around and respond to it. We have blogs set up, and those will also be a major component of the process.

I feel like this is a major turning point in my teaching. I know that reflection and creation is important, but it has been an ancillary goal rather than the central idea to my teaching. I know I can’t expect this to happen overnight, but I’m excited about the learning ahead.

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