Moving Forward

Since April 18th, I have been sending out job applications all over the midwest.  Few options were panning out as July rolled around.  I was starting to get extremely nervous about the coming school year and if I would even be teaching this fall.

I got an e mail from Brett Clark (twitter @Mr_Brett_Clark) asking if I would Skype in to a webinar with Jonathan Bergmann about the Flipped Classroom.  Of course, I'm always looking for ways to talk to teachers interested in using a flipped approach, so I readily took the offer.  As I was talking with Brett and Jon about the webinar, I mentioned that I was looking for work.  Jon had already been a huge help to me, sending my name out to his contacts, and Brett was eager to help as well.  His district also happened to have a couple of science openings available, so he got in touch with those principals and they ended up sitting in on the webinar session.

Long story short, after the presentation, I had an interview with the principal and a job offer that night to teach biology.  I've just accepted the position and I'll be the new biology teacher at Harrison High School in Evansville, IN.

As I was talking with the principal, she really stressed that I was hired to help push the science department with technology use and designing meaningful, technology-integrating instruction.  I'm extremely excited about not only having a job come August, but also having the freedom to continue what I've done in the last year and the freedom to refine and push the flipped classroom strategy.  Now that I'm teaching biology, I'm excited to begin to move away from the videos and more into guided inquiry, POGIL, and other tools that can be used in a flipped setting.

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped in my job search.  It wouldn't have been possible without people taking time to send my name around and to send names to me.  Its just another example of how having a PLN can really come through when you need it.

4 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Dalia Zygas says:

    That school is lucky to have you! I saw you/spoke with you at the flipped conf. Your intelligence,personality, tech ability and understanding of how different students learn will be huge factors in insuring your success. Best wishes!

    • Brian Bennett says:

      Thanks, Dalia. I’m hoping to be able to continue to speak and present on the flipped class. I’d love to hear how your class goes this fall.

  2. John Sowash says:

    Great story about the power of collaboration and networking! Congratulations, Brian!

  3. Jessica Passick says:

    Hey Mr. Bennett,
    I was just happening to be looking for information to write my blog on the faking data and I got absorbed in what you blog about. Granted, some are really more aimed for teachers than students but I really liked reading them. The way you teach is really unlike anyway that I have been taught. I also like it better than the other ways. I do apologize if I turn out to be a student you visit or send work down for in suspensions. But I just wanted to know where I could get the faking info requirements and thank you for coming to Harrison!!! We really are lucky to have a teacher like you!

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