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As I’ve been playing with Google+ over the last day or two, I’ve been figuring out some of the nuances reading articles from other bloggers and even from the Google discussion boards.  One thing I’ve come across is that only webpages you +1 show up in your profile’s +1 feed.  Comments, posts, etc that you +1 in your G+ feed don’t show up on your profile.

After I realized this, I began looking for the +1 button on articles and blogs.  Some have it, some don’t.  I’ve found a couple of solutions to do this…

For WordPress, this article explains step-by-step how to modify your theme to include the button.

If you edit posts in HTML, you can simply do the following:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
  • Then, paste this simple HTML tag in the post where you want the button.
The final product looks like this:


The HTML tag won’t work unless you have the script in your stylesheet.
There are also different sizes you can use and you can see more about how to tweak your button here.
Unfortunately, this isn’t a native sharing feature for most blogs yet, but I’m hoping some developers will release some simple drag-and-drop widgets that include the +1 button soon.
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