Flipped Class Manifesto

I was at Woodland Park High School in Woodland Park, CO last week at the 2011 Flipped Class Conference.  This is my second year at the conference (last year, attendee, this year, presenter) and I was extremely excited about the size of the conference this year…around 130 participants!  We talked about everything from what a flipped class is to how to more effectively run your flipped classroom.

At the pre-conference, the presenters sat down to write a “Flipped Class Manifesto” of sorts to try and answer some of the major concerns that have been brought up about the flipped classroom.  You can read some opposition articles that raise valid questions about flipclass and its implementation here and here.  In response to this, we decided to begin drafting this document.

Essentially, too much discussion has been given to the videos in the classroom (Sal Khan, anyone?) and not nearly enough on what happens inside an effective flipped classroom.

The Daily Riff has agreed to post this article in a three-day series on the Flipped Classroom from the perspective of teachers that use it effectively. Each day will focus on a particular aspect, starting with what do you need to flip and ending with what a good, effective class looks like.

You can read part 1 and part 2 on the Daily Riff’s website. I’ll be co-posting part 3 (my part) after it is published on their site.

Let’s start to pull away from what mass media is saying and show what a true, effective flipped classroom looks like.

Note – I unintentionally misrepresented Dr. Jackie Gerstein’s article as opposition. I apologize for the mistake and I’ve made the appropriate correction. You can read more of her posts at User Generated Education

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