#Flipclass11 Day 2

As we headed into day 2 of the flipped class conference, I was really excited about some of the discussions that are coming up with educators from all over the place.  Some of the big takeaways from today:

LiveScribe - If you can write with a pen, you can do a screencast.  This is a great tool if you're not into using a tablet.  You can still have the feel of paper and pen without having to mess with learning how to use a tablet.

  • Pros - Easy to use, low learning curve, cheap ($50 for 2GB pen), all videos are taken care of LiveScribe (hosting, etc), very portable.
  • Cons - No editing power (what you do is what you get), no images or video can be included, audio and pen writing only.

I am not a Moodle user, but I've wanted to be and I am planning on working on using it on my own next year (unless my district has it already).  I've already tried to look at adding test questions with a lot of variation, but I couldn't figure the interface out.  Then, I met Phil McIntosh.  He teaches MS pre-algebra and algebra and is the Moodle WHIZ.  You can connect with him on twitter by following @MisterMcIntosh.

Just to give you an idea, he has test banks that have almost 9,000 combined questions.  He has worked very, very hard over the last year to develop well-balanced, reliable, test questions that focus on best practices.  His seminar was incredibly precise and organized and you definitely need to get in touch with him if you're having trouble with Moodle or if you want help setting up a thorough, well-organized test bank.

Again, today was a great time of collaboration with other educators and some great ideas being shared.  Its very exciting for me as I continue to meet other teachers that are feeling challenged and excited about flipping their class.  Tomorrow is the last day and I'm hoping we can make some new connections that will continue to push teachers to try and improve their methodology.

3 thoughts on “#Flipclass11 Day 2

  1. LLitchfield says:

    Wish I could’ve been there. Thank you for providing details about flipping a class. I teach 8th and 9th grade Algebra 1 and am planning on flipping my classroom next year, so any and all help is appreciated!

  2. Courtney says:

    Sooo happy there are teachers posting about the conference. Couldn’t go or do the webinar because of funds…first year teacher trying to save pennies till my first real paycheck! Lol. Planning on flipping my science class though, it’s an urban high needs school and it’s my first year ever teaching but I really do think this flipped model has the power to make radical changes. I don’t have many computers in classroom (maybe 2?) so if you know anyone similar to my situation that would help greatly! For right now though, scouring the web, flipped network, nd twitter will be my source of info nd help. Thank you so much for the posts!

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