#Flipclass11 Day 1

Published: 2011-06-16 12:30 |

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I haven’t written in a long time and it is primarily because I’ve been traveling for a couple of weeks from Korea.  I have another longer post slated for later this week, so this is just a quickie with some good stuff from the first part of the day at the Flipped Class Conference in Woodland Park, CO.  You can follow some of the discussion here or you can follow the Twitter hashtag #flipclass11.

I presented this morning on making accommodations in the flipped classroom (or in any classroom for that matter) and the topic of mobile devices came up.  Some resources I’ve not heard of before are:

Cellular Education – From their website:

Cellular Education is primarily focused on consulting with Teachers, Administrators, and IT personnel to increase the use and effectiveness of wireless devices in Elementary and Secondary classrooms.

You can follow the founder, Victor Fitzjerrald, on twitter.

Mobile Learning Group – This is a branch of ISTE and they focus on bringing mobile devices into the classroom in professional and manageable ways.

SIGML is the ISTE special interest group that is an advocate for mobile learning worldwide, and promotes meaningful integration of mobile devices in teaching and learning in formal and informal learning environments.

Both groups work to promote mobile learning, especially in schools.  As students become more and more connected, education should be shifting that direction as well.  But, we can’t latch on to the technology as the perfect solution.  We still need to make sure we’re using the technology in a meaningful way, and not just for the sake of it.

More to come as the conference progresses.

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