Loosen Up

We see more clearly in retrospect...sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good. Thinking back on this year, I realized that I've gotten lazy with some of my favorite chemical demonstrations.  They're small things, but in a flipped class, it is so easy to come to school, remind kids of the benchmarks they have toRead More

I’m Open For Business

As I continue musing and thinking about the last year using a flipped classroom, ideology and philosophy changes that I've made flood my thoughts.  At the beginning of the flipped class, I really sold the idea hard to parents and students...harder than I had to sell it to administration (a HUGE blessing). I think the biggest sellingRead More

The Problem With Writing

I recently had a discussion with other science teachers about the role of writing in our classrooms.  The discussion that ultimately emerged revolved around the idea that science shouldn't be teaching students the writing process...that is the English teacher's job. I highly respect the opinions and views of my colleagues, but this belief blew myRead More