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Published: 2011-03-31 04:16 |

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Welcome to the new-and-improved blog (previously Mastering Chemistry).

As I’ve gotten more and more involved with the technology, almost by default, I became more and more spread out across the internet on different servers and host sites. After talking with Jeff Utecht at the EARCOS Teacher’s Conference, he strongly encouraged me to set up my own name domain on a dedicated server…so, was born.

This is merely the blog portion. I’m still working on a catchy name, but the theme of the blog will remain the same. I will continue to post thoughts on education philosophy as the 21st century marches onward and how we need to meet students where they are in the digital age.


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The sister site to this one,, will be the more “professional” side. It is still in its infancy, but my goal is to have a comprehensive professional portfolio that will also host (or link to) all materials I’ve used or seen used in the Flipped Classroom and Mastery Learning model.

Currently, I have videos posted on my YouTube channel and I will be adding a dedicated playlist soon (hopefully in the next week or two) walking interested educators through production and sharing of podcasts and how to manage a mastery classroom.

As you look through the post, please feel free to comment on any functionality issues you are having

Thanks for all the comments and thoughts over the last week. I’m excited about the turn my career has taken and I’m looking forward to continuing to network and connect with educators interested in challenging and building 21st century learners.

Comments are always open. You can get in touch by sending me an email at