Changes That Are Coming

After having most of this afternoon to mentally decompress from everything that happened this weekend at ETC11 and after a 2-hour advice session from Jeff Utecht, I’m going to begin moving my materials from my website to a new website (to be announced) over the coming days and weeks.

This has been such an encouraging week for me as I continue to present and talk about the flipped classroom I’ve had the opportunity to build this year.  Thank you so much if you came up and commented on my presentation, my blog, my tweets, or whatever.  It really humbles me and I want to sincerely thank you.

If you’ve already begun to think about using my materials, fear not, nothing is coming down from the current site.  I’ll also give plenty of warning via my Twitter account and this blog.  Hopefully, the word will spread on its own quickly if you’re one of my followers.

Some things I’m planning on putting up this week:

  1. I’ll be doing a podcast showing how to make a podcast
  2. A PDF file that walks through the process (think follow-along notes for production)

A very sincere thank you again for this week.

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