Mastering Chemistry

Published: 2010-09-06 05:47 |

Category: Grading |

Mastering chemistry seems like it would be an oxymoron.  Who can master chemistry?  Is chemistry “master-able?”

I like to think so.

If we can teach students to think and make informed decisions, then we’re teaching them to be master learners.  We shouldn’t be teaching only a textbook…in fact, the textbook shouldn’t even be guiding curriculum.  Students today don’t connect with textbooks.  Students want interactivity and elasticity in their classes.  We need to be teaching students to think critically and decide what is important information and what isn’t, they can master any content on their own.

I am trying to provide my students with a curriculum and tools to become master learners.  In the process, I have discovered many new tools that have increased my capability to learn material.  Many of the tools are Web 2.0 oriented and some are traditional methods.  By blending “old-school” and “new-school” we can better serve students in schools today.

This blog is to archive some tools I have found and have been implementing in my chemistry classes.  Please feel free to comment on and share other tools you have found for you class.

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