Planning a Flipped Unit Part 4

Now it’s down to the What of your unit. Standards have been identified and selected, themes established, and your main mechanism for assessment has been designed to check what students know and can do at the conclusion of the unit. The center of the Golden Circle isn’t the most important. It’s the component that fits within each of the larger... Read more

Will Hide Ads in Exchange for Bitcoin

Several articles swirled around early this week about’s (sorry, not going to link it) new ad-blocking choice to users. You can: Disable your ad blocker to see the content, including ads. Keep your ad blocker on, but allow Salon to mine bitcoin with “spare processing power” This is a terrible, terrible system for several reasons... Read more

Planning a Flipped Unit Part 3

Once you know why you’re teaching what you’re teaching, you need to define how you’ll know what students have learned or not learned. What task(s) will students complete in order to show what they’ve learned as you move through the unit? Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be a written test! This step in planning helps you meanin... Read more

Rebooting My Coaching

I planned, and ran, a really unsuccessful series of PD for a group of teachers this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wise enough to accept the non-success until we’d reached almost a breaking point in the group. The idea was to focus on instructional methods with, or without, technology. The problem was that it wasn’t what the teachers needed (or ... Read more

Planning a Flipped Unit Part 2

The biggest portion of the circle, the Why, defines everything you do in the unit. Before planning a single activity (or lesson), it is important to take time to outline what the students will be learning within the unit as a whole. This guiding focus will bring consistency to your individual lessons and empower you to build more meaningful i... Read more

Planning a Flipped Unit

The idea for this series was sparked when I was helping some people research sample flipped lessons for a curriculum workshop I was facilitating. I was embarrassed while working with this teacher because most of what we found was significantly below standard. That night, I did some more searching and I leafed through page after page of Google r... Read more

Moving from WordPress to Jekyll

This is a long post in several parts. Jump to different sections using the links below. Introduction Exporting WordPress Hosting Comments Updating Conclusion Introduction Long story short, I moved from self-hosted WordPress to a static HTML site generated by Jekyll. WordPress does it’s job really well. I think there was some s... Read more

New Tab Flickr Background Extension

I’m part of digital-only secret Santa exchange. It’s a cool idea…you’re assigned someone you may (or may not know) and tasked with coming up with a free (or very cheap, ~$5) digital gift. Some ideas were things like creating customized Spotify playlists or blog lists, creative portraits of the person from images you find online, to recipe or boo... Read more

Slide Tweeter Update 4

I thought I was ready for some beta testing of the Slide Tweeter AddOn. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a snag with authenticating some of the code. When you install and Addon from Google, it’s in something called AuthMode.NONE which significantly limits access to certain data. This is a good thing because you don’t want Addons running through you... Read more

Slides Tweeter Update 3

(Part 1, Part 2) I’m excited. A beta version of the Slides Tweeter AddOn will be ready this week. Two major updates helped get it to this point: Google changed the URL pattern for the thumbnail image, meaning I can grab a much smaller file which greatly increases the speed of the AddOn. Most tweets are posting in less than 20 seconds.... Read more