Sending Charts from Google Forms

We’re getting ready to launch a digital teaching and learning course for staff that is based on the TPACK framework. A few years ago, we started our 1:1 training by coaching teachers through using SAMR to design lessons which really use the technology in new ways. This time, we’re having teachers do more metacognitive reflection… Read More »

Google Sheets, SpreadAPI, and an Extension

This is a revisit to a post I wrote four years ago in which we used a spreadsheet and Google’s nifty little hidden JSON data endpoint to serve data to a Chrome extension. Without going too deep, the extension needed to be updated. I took this chance to refactor using modern Javascript rather tha jQuery… Read More »

Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

My small team relies on automation to make things run. Part of our PD process is a Google Form workflow that kicks off calendar events, document creation, and email notifications. Since we’ve moved to online learning, we wanted to update that process to automatically add a Google Meet link for any PD that doesn’t have… Read More »