Sending Charts from Google Forms

We’re getting ready to launch a digital teaching and learning course for staff that is based on the TPACK framework. A few years ago, we started our 1:1 training by coaching teachers through using SAMR to design lessons which really use the technology in new ways. This time, we’re having teachers do more metacognitive reflection… Read More »

Google Sheets, SpreadAPI, and an Extension

This is a revisit to a post I wrote four years ago in which we used a spreadsheet and Google’s nifty little hidden JSON data endpoint to serve data to a Chrome extension. Without going too deep, the extension needed to be updated. I took this chance to refactor using modern Javascript rather tha jQuery… Read More »

Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

My small team relies on automation to make things run. Part of our PD process is a Google Form workflow that kicks off calendar events, document creation, and email notifications. Since we’ve moved to online learning, we wanted to update that process to automatically add a Google Meet link for any PD that doesn’t have… Read More »

Get a List of All Students and Missing Work from Canvas

In a Canvas course, you can quickly check the number of missing assignments for single students relatively quickly. You can also message groups of students missing specific assignments from the analytics page (or the gradebook). What you can’t do is get a list of all students in a course and their missing assignments in a… Read More »

Copy Canvas Enrollments to Another Course

While schools are closed, we’ve moved much of our long term staff development material into Canvas. We have one long-running course with all staff split into site-based sections that has worked as a model for others. We needed a way to essentially duplicate the template course enrollments into new training courses. Ignorance is bliss (sometimes)… Read More »