Get a List of All Students and Missing Work from Canvas

In a Canvas course, you can quickly check the number of missing assignments for single students relatively quickly. You can also message groups of students missing specific assignments from the analytics page (or the gradebook). What you can’t do is get a list of all students in a course and their missing assignments in a… Read More »

Copy Canvas Enrollments to Another Course

While schools are closed, we’ve moved much of our long term staff development material into Canvas. We have one long-running course with all staff split into site-based sections that has worked as a model for others. We needed a way to essentially duplicate the template course enrollments into new training courses. Ignorance is bliss (sometimes)… Read More »

Updating Canvas Notification Preferences

This is a technical post. Read on for code and commentary. In moving to online, we’ve tried to streamline all of our communication through Canvas. The goal is to cut down on disconnected email threads and encourage students to use submission comments to keep questions and feedback in context. The Problem Many students had already… Read More »

Performance Tasks in SBG

I was given a good challenge by our secondary curriculum coordinator a couple weeks back. He wanted to know how we get in front of standards-based grading being reduced to collections of isolated skills. In other words, we’re doing well tracking our essential standards over time, but those are more or less in isolation (not… Read More »

Unit Testing in GAS Part 5: Testing Objects and Arrays

If you’re brand new to unit testing, start with the first post in this series to get caught up. Part 1: QUnit Setup Part 2: Simple Tests Part 3: Adding and Updating Functions Part 4: Error Handling Part 5: Testing Objects and Arrays It’s time to dive into deeper equality situations with objects and arrays.… Read More »